May Happenings

Happy Mother's Day

Recently, I became a new mom AND everything is an adventure.  

With this new kind of adventure...I have a WHOLE new appreciation for not only my own amazing mama...but TO all of those amazing moms, aunts, grandmas, and godmothers, I know!  

May 14th is a day we STOP to recognize AND celebrate all these  wonderful women in our lives!

Life is busy and Life is crazy!  As a mom, we get into our routines and accustom to the comforts of our own home; it can feel overwhelming to take that day adventure, be a weekend warrior, or hop on a plane with our little humans....

But in this abundant world of things...isn't it these moments in life we need to hold onto?  The memories we create are the ones we will always remember!  

So I challenge you in May to schedule that adventure with your little humansand LOVE. EVERY. SINGLE moment of it...even when it sounds scary, exhausting, overwhelming, or easier to stay home....I promise, you will never regret it!