April Happenings

April Showers

I love it when it rains.

The rain, to me, is cleansing...refreshing...rejuvenating..something NEW!  I love the smell that is left behind as it has washed away dirt....grime...oldness!  I love when the blue sky breaks through the dark clouds and the sun warms the wet sidewalks...and makes room for NEW pathways.   I love how it drenches the flowers and grass and they begin to sprout NEW beginnings.  

It truly reminds me the old is gone and a NEW adventure or beginning is about to happen. 


I love to begin to dream about what kind of NEW can I put into my life.  Whether I am going to create a NEW space - like my front porch - or start to plan a NEW adventure for my family to enjoy together!  

As we welcome spring, where does the NEW fit into your life?  

Tell me on FACEBOOK what the NEW in your life looks like!  

April Moments

{ Add Something NEW }

Since spring is right around the corner, it is time to invite those bright vibrant colors into our home to remind us that there is NEW beginnings waiting for us!  Here is a easy tutorial to create a simple spring vase. 

Lynn Emrick-2.png
mothers day promo.png